Friday, April 29, 2011

Penn State Bloggers Encourage Donations for Alabama Tornado Relief

Kudos to Ben Jones, a senior student at Penn State and founder of the Victory Bell Rings blog, for trying to organize Penn State football related blogs to encourage donations for our friends in Tuscaloosa Alabama and surrounding communities in the South.  Other blogs such as Nittany Whiteout and  are also joining the effort and asking people to donate.

Great idea, fellow bloggers!  And let me join in also by encouraging my readers to make a personal donation to help the people in Alabama and other southern states.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coming Up for Air (Maybe...) for Penn State's Blue-White Game

Oh my.  I feel like I have really abandoned my faithful readers this winter...a season which only now (maybe) is starting to turn to spring at University Park.  Although I'm not sure.  The weather is particularly nasty for this version of the annual football scrimmage known as the Blue-White game.

I do's just that, well, when you're teaching eighteen credits in ONE semester, it's hard to do anything else but prep for classes and grade papers. It's been a tough semester.  And the weather hasn't helped one bit!