Monday, July 23, 2012

An Open Letter to Penn State Football Players and Fans

Today, we are all astonished by what the NCAA determined as sanctions starting in 2012 for alleged cover-ups by senior leaders in the Sandusky child sexual abuse crimes. 

It is not our purpose here to comment on the appropriateness of those sanctions or formulate an opinion on whether or not the Freeh Report is the right basis for making those judgments.   Others are making those sorts of statements elsewhere.

What we do know, and perhaps it’s ALL that we know, is that none of this had to do with you, the Penn State football players.  And we wish to personally thank you for your great conduct over the past several months.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rally Behind This Football Team for Lift for Life

It's time to show our support for the current Penn State football team,which has conducted itself with honor through this transition period. What better way to show our support than to donate to Lift for Life, the football team's adopted charity, supporting research that will tackle kidney cancer? Join me in making a donation now!