Terry: 282 games in a row!

Terry is not a Penn State alum. He graduated from Case Institute of Technology (now Case Western Reserve University). Terry's association with Penn State football started in 1970, when he took a job transfer to Allentown PA. His realtor, a Penn State alum, asked Terry and his former wife if they were interested in purchasing Penn State football tickets. They said yes, and Terry has been a Nittany Lion Club member and possessed season tickets ever since.

Terry grew up in Ohio, and was always an avid college football fan. He cheered for Ohio State when he was young, and then, when he worked in St. Louis, became a Missouri fan. He was very upset when Penn State played Missouri in the 1970 Orange Bowl in Miami, and won 10-3.

But in 1970 due to his new Pennsylvania location Terry became a Penn State fan, and his allegiance to Penn State has been strong ever since. Terry doesn't believe he could ever change loyalties again.  Since 1970, Terry has attended 445 Penn State football games in person.

In 1990, we made it our goal to attend every Penn State football game that season. Unfortunately a business trip prevented us from traveling to Los Angeles in September 1990 for a Penn State-USC game.

That USC game is the last game Terry missed. He has attended EVERY home, away, and bowl game since.

Carolyn has missed only four of those 282 games.