Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Penn State Football: Will Bob Costas Create New Discussion on Sandusky Case?

Tomorrow night, on Wednesday May 29 sportscaster Bob Costas will air a long-awaited discussion about the Sandusky scandal.  He has been rumored to have second thoughts after the Paterno family commissioned a report authored by former US Attorney General Richard Thornburgh regarding the Freeh Report's inadequacies.

According to ESPN:  "In addition to Thornburgh, former FBI supervisory special agent and former state prosecutor James Clemente, and Dr. Fred Berlin, a treating physician, psychiatrist, psychologist and expert in sexual disorders and pedophilia at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and School of Medicine, contributed independent evaluations of the Freeh Report."   The report was entitled "The Rush To Injustice Regarding Joe Paterno."

According to NBC's Vice President of Communications Adam Freifeld, “(The Freeh Report) will be the focus of Costas Tonight tomorrow at 11pm ET following hockey on NBCSN.”

Is this good news or bad news for Penn State fans waiting to hear some positive news about the role of Joe Paterno in this scandal?  It remains to be seen what Costas will say and what he will conclude.
One has to ask about the timing of this broadcast.  The show is not exactly prime time coverage!

Those of us who have lived through this saga remember all too well how overly-consuming the media coverage was in November of 2011.  Prime time coverage was not a problem when it came to media suggestions that former Penn State head coach and college football icon Joe Paterno was somehow at fault for not stopping Sandusky's crimes.

As to any effort at vindication, it appears to me that the media has given such news second fiddle at best.

Here is what John Ziegler, independent documentary film maker and creator of the website www.framingpaterno.com has to say:

"Having spoken to Bob Costas twice about the facts of the case and the nature of the show he might do on this, I am confident that he will take a fair and objective second look at the facts here. Unfortunately, he will not be taking an advocacy role here and the size of that audience at the time with limited time to promote won't be ideal."

Bob Costas' show will air on NBCSC immediately after the hockey program is concluded.  That is anticipated to be about 11 p.m. EST on Wednesday.