Saturday, September 10, 2011

Penn State vs. Alabama: Emphasis on Sportsmanship So Far So Good

Yesterday I played tour guide for my husband's son, Bob, who is visiting us for the weekend from his home in Prescott, AZ.  So of course we had to tour campus and go downtown, something I normally avoid on a Friday night of a football weekend. 

I had written about the Bama-Penn State Meet and Greet sponsored by the Centre County PA Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association and Penn State Pride, the student sportsmanship group.  So after Bob experienced his first taste of Creamery ice cream and bought his required allotment of Penn State stuff for the kids, we set out to find a parking spot and joined this Meet and Greet for about 45 minutes.

Fan extraordinaire Paul Frankhouser was there with his Penn State Hummer.  So of course we all gathered around for photos. 

Seems everyone from Bama is having a good time.  As did we last night.  I hope it continues today.

We skipped the Rally in the Valley, since I had dinner scheduled at home that night.  However, here's the video of JoePa's speech.

He's dangerous with that cane!

JoePa at Rally in the Valley

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